Hydro Dynamics # 12
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Updated April 5, 2017
Hydro Dynamics # 12 - set 42

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This double pump Hydro Dynamics set is 103% complete, and
the pumps are in good working order. It is of a quality and completeness
rarely found in these sets.

All the parts are in very good to excellent condition.

The pump motors have been cleaned and oiled for optimal operation.

The electric light string has 3 original working bulbs! Very rare for these!

The box is in fair condition with wear and discolorations. It is strong and
and strudy with some nice repairs (glued, never taped!)

The tilt scales, are mint replacements made by Bridge Street Toys.

The gray base is in excellent condition.

All of the signs are unique, just as originally shipped by Kenner.

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Parts Inventory
Original Included
Girders (3 types) 281 303
Braces (2 types) 63 67
Window & Roof Panels (8 types) 42 42
Road Sections (5 types) 15 15
Signs 29 29
Tanks and Parts 45 45
Pipe Fittings 87 87
Clear Pipes 63 68
Electric 3 Light String 1 1
Electric Float Switch 1 1
Masonite Bases 4 4
Base with 2 Pumps 1 1
Instruction Sheets 3 3
Planning Book 1 1
Part Reorder Sheet 1 1
Box 1 1

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