Girder and Panel # 3
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Updated October 8, 2016
Girder and Panel #3 - set 84
Near Mint in Box!

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This is a set of rare quality that is seldom seen.
All the parts are in very good to excellent condition and the box is solid and sturdy.
The only issues that keep this set from being pure mint is that some of the signs are punched and the box has slight wear.

This is a wonderful edition perfect for the collector who wants to own the very best!

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Parts Inventory
Original Included
Girders (2 types) 132 142
Window, Door Roof & Panels (13 types) 105 105
Store Signs 30 33
Flags 12 12
Flagpoles 8 8
Marquees 2 2
Masonite Base 1 1
Instruction Sheet 1 1
Planning Book 1 1

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