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Updated March 18, 2017
Hydro Dynamics #11 - set 65

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Here is a real rarity. In England, Kenner licensed the Girder and Panel brand to
the nearly 100 year-old toy company, Chad Valley. The sets were nearly identical except the
window panels have light blue borders, and the road sections are yellow with red lines.
Also, the box inserts are completely different.
This is a very nice set in good to very good condition.

It is 111% complete and the pump has been serviced and oiled and is in good working order. It is one of the strongest I have ever encountered.

This set even includes the
in their original wrappers!

The box is very sturdy and strong.

All the parts are in very good to excellent condition.

All of the pipes are original.

This is an ultra-rare set, great for the collector.

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Parts Inventory
Original Included
Girders (3 types) 192 220
Braces (2 types) 42 53
Window & Roof Panels (6 types) 20 20
Road Sections (2 types) 8 8
Signs 29 29
Tanks and Parts 31 31
Pipe Fittings 58 58
Clear Pipes 43 56
Masonite Bases 2 2
Base with Pump 1 1
Instruction Sheets 4 4
Planning Book 1 1
Box 1 1

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