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Updated September 10, 2017
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This is one of the 2 rarest Girder and Panel Building sets ever made!

This truly beautiful set is a prototype developed by Bridge Street Toys, but never produced in
quantity or released for sale.

By special arrangements with BST, has procured the only 11 copies of this extremely
limited edition set.

Only one set is still available!

The set is 100% complete

All the parts are in absolute pure mint condition.

This is the ultimate in Girder and Panel collector edition sets. Keep it for the collector value or
use it for the very best in play.

As a bonus, BST's 3 ft long window cling will be included with the set! This has the words
"Award Winning Bridge and Turnpike Building sets"
BST made these for stores to place in their front windows in order to advertise the sets. I
have one in the back window of my car.

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Parts Inventory
Girders (4 types) 91
Window and Roof Panels (7 types) 44
"Make-Your-Own" Window Panel Sheet 1
Signs 2
Building Bases and Connecting Clips 12
Custom Box 1

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