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Deluxe Hydro Dynamics # 206
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Updated January 26, 2017
Hydro Dynamics Starter Set #206 - set 2

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This is a fine set that is 100% complete and in MINT CONDITION!

This rare set was discontinued several years ago. It is now a true collector's item.

All the parts are in perfect, mint condition. The plastic storage box is solid and sturdy.

There is a complete inventory of all Hydro Dynamics parts.

This would is a great set, perfect for a collector or someone who desires the very best for building.

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Parts Inventory
Original Included
Girders (3 types) 130 130
Braces 6 6
Tank Parts 15 15
Pipe Parts 25 25
Signs 29 31
Squeeze Bulb Pump 1 1
Instructions & Color Planning Book 3 3
Plastic Storage Case/Building Base 1 1

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Click here to see full size pic

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