Kenner Sky Rail Battery Box Repair

Updated May 26, 2006

If you own a Kenner Sky Rail Building set, then chances are excellent you have a battery box that doesn't work!

The very poor design and construction of the battery box caused the small plastic pins inside the switch to crack and break, even with just moderate use.

Now you can get quality repairs to make your unit fully functional again!

Internal Switch
(As it is commonly found these days)

I was one of those kids in the early 60's that had a great Sky Rail set that quickly became unusable.

After all these years I have engineered the fix!

By carefully replacing the plastic pins with ones made of steel, the switches can now be stronger and more durable than the originals.

If you own a Sky Rail set #17 or #18 with a non-functioning battery box, you can now get it restored to good working order!

The repair involves disassembling the box down to all individual pieces, replacing the plastic pins and adding a small, non-conductive plate for strength. All the electric contacts are cleaned for optimal operation, and the box is then reassembled. The only visible difference is that the small metal rivet securing the switch handle is replaced with a screw.

(Please do not try to disassemble the box yourself.
It was not designed to be repaired and is easily damaged.)

If you have seen my items and work in the past you know I am always honest about all aspects of the goods and services I provide. I am willing to stand behind my repairs. On the unlikely chance that I am unable to repair your unit, your money will be refunded (less shipping).

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