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Updated April 22, 2018

Set Availability

I endeavor to keep the information on this site very current and normally update the availabilty status
of the sets within a few hours of any sales. This means that if a set is not marked SOLD or On Hold, chances are very good that you will be able to obtain it.

All sets are subject to prior sale, but this seldom an issue.


If you are interested in a set, please email me at jeffpopp@yahoo.com.

I check my email frequently and in most circumstances will get back to you within a few hours.

Payment Options

I accept payment in the form of Cashier's Check, Money Order, Bank Draft, On-line with Zelle, or personal check.
Please allow 10 days for personal checks to clear.

You can also pay by means of PayPal, however I ask that payments be made as
"Personal" so I don't have to pay their sky-high fees. I can forward instructions for this if you need them.

Goods will normally ship the following business day after receipt of all form of payments except
personal checks (10 business day hold).


Shipping charges are real cost only. I never charge a handling or packaging fee.

All sets are normally shipped from Snoqualmie, WA. zip code 98065, and shipping charges will be calculated from there.

I will be glad to check on all shipping options based on your request as to speed and cost.

In January of 2015, FedEx and UPS changed their rate structures from weight based to size based. What this means for
most of these Kenner sets is that the shipping costs are now double! With this ridiculous increase, I
can longer recommend using these carriers. This leaves only USPS.

Very small orders such as window panels, girders and signs are normally shipped USPS First Class mail
since it is far less expensive than other alternatives.

For light shipments under 4 pounds USPS Parcel Post is usually the least expensive option.

For heavier packages, USPS Parcel Select tends to be the better cost alternative.

For all USPS shipments, insurance carries an extra charge.

If you care to check on shippping costs yourself, you can find rate calculators on the FedEx Web Site,
USPS Web Site, and the UPS Web Site. Just use USA zip code 98065 as the place of origin.

For easy reference the following table provides the packaged shipping weight of each Kenner set.
Muliple set shipments will vary slightly.

Set Weight
Girder and Panel # 1 3 lbs.
Girder and Panel # 2 4 lbs.
Girder and Panel # 3 4 lbs.
Bridge and Turnpike # 4 4 lbs.
Bridge and Turnpike # 5 5 lbs.
Bridge and Turnpike # 6 7 lbs.
Combo Girder and Panel /
Bridge and Turnpike Sets # 7
7 lbs.
Motorized # 8
10 lbs.
Double Constructioneer
Motorized # 9
14 lbs.
Motorizing Kit # 10 5 lbs.
Hydro Dynamics # 11 8 lbs.
Hydro Dynamics # 12 12 lbs.
Build-a-Home # 14 3 lbs.
Build-a-Home # 15 7 lbs.
Build-a-Home # 16 8 lbs.
Sky Rail # 17 8 lbs.
Double Sky Rail # 18 10 lbs.
Modern as Tomorrow # 21 3 lbs.
Modern as Tomorrow # 22 4 lbs.
Modern as Tomorrow # 23 6 lbs.
Freeway USA # 24 3 lbs.
Freeway USA # 25 4 lbs.
Freeway USA # 26 5 lbs.
Combo Modern as Tomorrow/
Freeway USA # 27
5 lbs.
Combo Modern as Tomorrow/
Freeway USA # 28
6 lbs.
Second Generation
Sky Rail # 30
8 lbs.
Second Generation
Double Sky Rail # 31
10 lbs.
World Famous Buildings # 72000 6 lbs.

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